Yield calculation

All yields displayed on the Cyan dApp are just indications and estimates and do not represent real returns or guarantees of returns in the future.

These are the variables which go into the yield estimations displayed in the Cyan dApp:

  • ETH and stETH balances in the Vault
  • Total value of ETH out for loans to BNPL and Pawn plans
    Annualised interest payments received
    T- otal value of all defaulted NFTs within the Vault

The end result for the estimated Vault yield is thus:
( Annualised interest payments ) / ( ETH balance + stETH balance + Loaned amount + Defaulted NFTs ) = estimated Yield


Good to know

Estimated yield calculations are forward-looking and are subject to change upon defaults. They are in no way guarantees or accurate representations of guaranteed returns in the future.

Past performance is not indicative or a reliable indicator of future performance.