Browser Extension

A chrome extension to natively use Cyan in other NFT Marketplaces


Cyan currently supports OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, and Pudgy Penguins Marketplace! We are constantly adding more marketplaces. Please let us know which one you'd like to see!

Cyan Browser Extension

A browser extension is available to use Cyan natively in any of the major NFT marketplaces. Enable Cyan's Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and Pawn features are available within the marketplaces you already use. In this quick reference guide, we'll use OpenSea as an example marketplace, but LooksRare and X2Y2 will function similarly. Just look for the Cyan button!


Getting the Chrome Extension is very easy! Head to the link above, or in the Google Chrome store search for Cyan. After hitting the Add to Chrome button, the extension will install itself.


Click on the "Add to Chrome" button to install

You can click on the extensions setting (puzzle piece icon in the top right corner of your browser) and click on the pin button to keep the Cyan Extension available at all times.


Click on the puzzle piece icon to see extension settings

BNPL with Extension

Once the extension is installed, it will default to turn on when visiting supported marketplaces and for supported NFT collections. There are two ways to initiate a BNPL plan through the extension. The first is simply through the Buy with CYAN button available on the marketplace view, as demonstrated below.


rektguy on OpenSea with Cyan Extension enabled

Once you click on the Buy with CYAN button, the usual pop-up will show and guide you through the same process found on the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) guide.


Initiating a BNPL plan

The second way to BNPL is by clicking on the NFT itself on OpenSea, which displays metadata for the specific NFT and further details on trade data.


The "Pay Now" button starts the BNPL process

Once the Pay Now button is clicked, the familiar BNPL pop-up will guide you through the process of purchasing.


The familiar BNPL pop-up will guide you through the process

Pawn with Extension

Similar to the BNPL interfaces, Pawn buttons populate within the marketplace page to make actions simple to start. First, head over to your wallet or account page to see all the NFTs available in your wallet.


OpenSea's user Profile page

Supported NFTs will have the option to Pawn with CYAN on the spot. All Pawn plans initiated from here are 3 months, with an LTV of 33% of the appraisal value. Once you click on the Pawn with CYAN button, the usual pop-up will show and guide you through the same process found on the Pawn your NFT guide.

There is also an option to initiate the Pawn plan when clicking into the NFT itself to see the metadata.


Starting a Pawn plan is possible on the NFT page too

Monitoring Positions in the Extension

Once a position is started, you'll be able to see the position populate in the extension app. Click on the Cyan logo on the top right of your browser, or find it by clicking the puzzle icon to see a list of extensions.


Positions will conveniently show in the Extension

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