NFT Loans

Get loans in a matter of minutes on Cyan with your NFT. Previously labeled as Pawn.


Good to know

All Pawn plans span over a three-month period, and as the platform matures we will expand terms to shorter and longer terms.

NFT Loans (previously labeled as Pawn)

Head over to the Account Page to view all your owned NFTs and initiate a loan. By default, the table filters through your portfolio for Cyan-supported projects. You can disable this filter from the settings menu (the gear icon). To start a loan, click on the "Borrow ETH" button on the desired NFT to borrow against. You may also select up to five NFTs at a time to get a bulk loan, instantly.

When taking out a loan to borrow ETH, you have lots of loan lengths to choose from and amounts of ETH to borrow. Cyan offers up to 66% LTV, against the appraised value of the NFT.

Turn on auto-repayments for Cyan to automatically make repayments for the loan. Your Cyan Wallet must be pre-funded with ETH prior to the repayment time in order for the payment to process. If the wallet is insufficiently funded, a notice will be sent prior to collection to the saved email, Telegram, or Discord handle in settings.

Once the loan process is initiated, you will need to provide the Cyan protocol permission to move your NFT into your Cyan Wallet. This is required so the NFT serves as collateral during the loan. It will still be accessible to you, with all the utilities of the NFT in your control outside of selling or transferring out. Once the loan starts, the chosen ETH amount will be instantly sent to you.


By starting a loan, the user agrees to any missed payments will result in a default of the NFT and forfeiting of all payments made to date.

Only approved projects are available for loans. Please check our Approved Projects to see if your favorite project is added! We are frequently adding projects, and we appreciate your patience as we onboard them :)

Make the payments as they come due, and on the last repayment, the NFT will be freed in the user’s Cyan Wallet. During the loan period, the user has full access to the NFT. For more details on how to use the Cyan Wallet, please read the section on Cyan Wallet.

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