Making Monthly Payments

Making payments are super easy! Payments are due every 31 days.

For both BNPL (buy now pay later) and NFT loans, payments are made every 31 days. For flash NFT loans, payment is due in 24 hours. In order to make a payment on your plans, head over to your Account Page, and find the plan in the "Loans" tab.

Making repayments are simple. From the pop-up after clicking "Pay" from the Account Page, you'll be able to make a single payment or make an early lump-sum repayment to end the loan now. You may also toggle the auto-repayment option here - turning on or off the option will require a small amount of gas as it is an on-chain operation to do so.

Payment due times are shown in local time zones, so it will be according to your device's settings. Once the final payment is made, the NFT will remain in your Cyan Wallet and will be available to sell or transfer out.