Vault Contracts

Each Vault has a category, such as Blue-Chip PFP, or Digital Land.

Each Vault represents a category of NFTs for stakers to finance plans to and earn yield. For launch, Cyan will deploy the ‘Blue-Chip PFP (Profile-picture) Vault’ with a total of eight whitelisted projects. As demand and volumes grow, Vault categories can expand to include digital land, gameFi, and mid-cap PFP projects. Each category will have a Vault contract deployed, and initially, stakers can transfer in ETH only.


Cyan Vault (ETH) CV01: 0x460e0Cd087033A73E1bC5c071711f1f27884968A
Cyan Vault (USDC) CV07: 0x99Fa02B3a88758E0A748406847a4A1Cae2841F3B
Cyan Degen Vault (ETH) CV02: 0x7a6546d57f4590b3cAF29e771204b7C6c7CbdBC7
Cyan Degen Vault (USDC) CV08: 0x8553B448A6E4A554c3BCf3A92e9266B48AcEB494
Cyan Art Vault (USDC) CV09: 0xC8E34f0421416Ba9adf2bCbc84De86F6D27bA84D
Cyan Art Vault (ETH) CV10: 0xfdbfa4a4365db1f99fe98a098aa899f3d904f217
Cyan ApeCoin Vault (APE) CV11: 0x40138D542F23503429EA7AB9630545D628912446
Tribul Vault (USDC) CV14: 0xC5667f737cB13EE6d60bd2A0b23B607b15D87242


Cyan Polygon Vault (MATIC) CV05: 0x83B86556A0A85800C62d9aE6a5cA4f7C05b3348A
Cyan Polygon Vault (WETH) CV06: 0xb91CDB4f1cf2D9435748471cfCD3bbEeD7Cf935F
Cyan Polygon Vault (USDC) CV12: 0x70f3f7f5c89b28812af0d49fab400e5f0b174c41


Cyan Blast Vault (ETH) CV13: 0x32D3df22c93B19ff4c2c802a99FB2F0E2d96E1F2