Vault Contracts

Each Vault has a category, such as Blue-Chip PFP, or Digital Land.

Each Vault represents a category of NFTs for stakers to finance plans to and earn yield. For launch, Cyan will deploy the ‘Blue-Chip PFP (Profile-picture) Vault’ with a total of eight whitelisted projects. As demand and volumes grow, Vault categories can expand to include digital land, gameFi, and mid-cap PFP projects. Each category will have a Vault contract deployed, and initially, stakers can transfer in ETH only.


Cyan Blue-Chip PFP Vault: 0x460e0Cd087033A73E1bC5c071711f1f27884968A
Cyan Trending Vault: 0x7a6546d57f4590b3cAF29e771204b7C6c7CbdBC7
Cyan Digital Land Vault: 0x835e7DE9a7B7404Df3f60D7Df5006c5B3145c7A2
Cyan Emerging Vault: 0xf9c919bD4a7Fd9e57D7d81914e096bfa34777925


Cyan Blue-Chip PFP Vault: 0xe45363d9471f52bd1433e860903073a45bfb5f34