Vault Token Contracts

Each Vault will issue an ERC20 token when ETH is staked

Vault tokens are issued upon every new ETH stake. Tokens are just basic ERC20 and are redeemable for ETH through unstaking. The naming of Vault tokens is incremented by 1, with the first Vault being CV01.


Cyan Blue-Chip PFP Vault Token CV01: 0x9dD2188FF101Bd0085f8EfC2b55f9744Cd57Bc52
Cyan Trending Vault Token CV02: 0x1f844adD5f448B4D472fc7b383da0CC79514E4aE
Cyan Digital Land Vault Token CV03: 0x3f75a6E444805c694A85D216b4560f76df28aE12
Cyan Emerging Vault CV04: 0xeB5F4D8a72c7d14b8445f167a4af408AA986b5ED