Vault Token Contracts

Each Vault will issue an ERC20 token when ETH is staked

Vault tokens are issued upon every new ETH stake. Tokens are just basic ERC20 and are redeemable for ETH through unstaking. The naming of Vault tokens is incremented by 1, with the first Vault being CV01.


Cyan Vault Token CV01: 0x9dD2188FF101Bd0085f8EfC2b55f9744Cd57Bc52
Cyan Vault Token (USDC) CV07: 0x098B90728ded21e70608e9b29FfF4D0E5C5fe3c1
Cyan Degen Vault Token CV02: 0x1f844adD5f448B4D472fc7b383da0CC79514E4aE
Cyan Degen Vault Token (USDC) CV08: 0x267176F3fB2dFa9aBE7D104C1Af2204b9480918A
Cyan Art Vault Token (USDC) CV09: 0x4879ef6054399C1ee3D8a2781F1D4c1d1A18701F
Cyan Art Vault (ETH) CV10: 0xeB5F4D8a72c7d14b8445f167a4af408AA986b5ED
Cyan ApeCoin Vault CV11: 0xC41C517a5C44b9D46Ff6bFb9012E3cB40cd55Ce8


Cyan Polygon Vault Token (MATIC) CV05: 0x5671e66Aa3823E43eb6124783FcF46Ea10A89488
Cyan Polygon Vault Token (WETH) CV06: 0xED750Ce5861431BA17FAb6EA02299262951390c4