Security Audit

Cyan has gone through multiple audits from various firms, most recently and notably from CertiK. The team has gone through KYC verification and the protocol has gone through seven security audits.

The Cyan protocol has been audited by Quantstamp, CertiK, 0xQuit, Qckhp, and several independent auditors. Our dapp and website have also gone through multiple penetration tests for usability and front-end vulnerabilities as well.

AuditorTypeDateStatusReport Link
Hadrien (independent)EVMMarch 2022CompletedHadrien Cyan Review
CertiKEVMApril 2022CompletedCyan - Audit 1
InfoSecDappApril 2022CompletedInfoSec Cyan Final Report
CertiKEVMJune 2022CompletedCyan - Audit 2
Qckhp (independent)EVMMarch 2023CompletedQckhp Bug Report V2
Dulguun (independent)EVMApril 2023CompletedDulguun Cyan V2 Final
0xQuitEVMJune 2023CompletedCyan Contract Review_0xQuit
Qckhp (independent)ApeStakeSeptember 2023CompletedQckhp ApeStake Report
Dulguun (independent)ApeStakeSeptember 2023CompletedDulguun ApeStake Report
QuantstampEVMMay 2024CompletedQuantstamp Audit Report

You may jump here to see CertiK's audit reports and follow live data in their Security Dashboard:


CertiK's dashboard provides more details. Click on the above link to see details!

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