Shop (Buy Now Pay Later)

Starting a buy now pay later loan on Cyan


Cyan currently supports Blur, OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2 and many more marketplaces! We are adding more marketplaces in the near future. Please let us know which one you'd like to see next!

Shop (Buy Now Pay Later)

This is the first tab in the Cyan App. BNPL, short for Buy Now Pay Later, provides a way to finance the purchase of an NFT. Loans are provided in many maturities and down payment terms, allowing for great flexibility to match any purchase profile. Repayments are made every month, with the first repayment due on the 31st day from the time the down payment was made.

After selecting the desired collection from the table on the top BNPL page, a dedicated marketplace opens up for an easy shopping experience. Click on the target NFT to open the loan creation pop-up.



Only approved projects can be purchased on a BNPL plan. Click on List of approved projects to see the full list of collections whitelisted. We are frequently adding projects, and we appreciate your patience as we onboard them :)

To start a loan, begin by opening the loan creation pop-up by clicking on the NFT to buy. Next, select your desired loan plan length, which for Blue-Chip Projects is up to six months. Then, choose your preferred weight of the down payment. Keep in mind that a higher down payment will result in a lower interest rate, while a shorter loan length will also result in a lower interest rate.



Any missed payments will result in a default of the NFT and all payments made to date. Meaning all payments, including the down payment, and the NFT will be forfeited on a default.

Once everything looks agreeable, click on Start Plan to initiate the plan! Make sure to confirm the on-chain payment through your wallet to kick-start the plan. The initialization process may take up to 10 minutes. Once the loan starts, the NFT will be in the user's Cyan Wallet. If this is the first loan, the Cyan Wallet will be created automatically.

With the NFT in the user's Cyan Wallet, all utility of the NFT is available through Wallet Connect. The Cyan Wallet can be used in any app, token-gated requests, airdrop claims, verification on, and anything typically possible with the NFT. The only limited functions are the inability to sell or transfer the NFT out. Please read our Cyan Wallet guide for more details on how to operate the wallet.

Make the payments as they come due, and on the last payment, the NFT will be freed for selling or transferring out of the Cyan Wallet. Early repayments are a convenient way to pay off the loan in one payment to free the NFT earlier than the maturity date of the loan. Interest rate discounts are provided for loans completed early.

BNPL Sweep

Cyan offers the ability to capitalize on opportunities by sweeping the floor now and paying it off later. Take advantage of cheap floor prices today and pay them off over time, while still enjoying the full utility of the NFT. Doing so is easy with a simple 'Sweep' button to get you started.

After clicking 'Get 5 instant loans', you can confirm the chosen NFTs in the next menu.

From here, the steps are identical to buying a single NFT. Choose your terms and get started today.

For a detailed demo of BNPL Sweep, please watch below:

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