Cyan Vaults

Stake ETH, USDC, APE, or MATIC into Vaults to earn yields on NFT loans.


Deposit locks

Every Cyan Vault has a 7-day locking period for new deposits. This is to protect existing liquidity providers and provide a fair withdrawal value. A new subsequent deposit within the 7-day period will reset the counter, unless made to a different Vault.

Vaults for Liquidity Providers

Vaults are where liquidity providers can stake ETH, USDC, or MATIC, which are used to fund BNPL and NFT loans. Enjoy real yields that are not based on 'ponzinomics' or other unsustainable models 😀.


Staking is simple! Choose the Vault flavor of your choice, and stake the amount you'd like to put to work. There is a 7-day locking period to protect existing liquidity providers in the vault. Deposits made again within the 7 days will reset the counter. Deposits made into a different vault will not affect the initial deposit locking period.

User defaulted NFTs from BNPL and NFT loans are returned to the respective Vault. Cyan will work on a best-effort basis to unwind the NFT at a fair market value. In the future, Vaults may be converted to DAOs to have decisions made by the Vault token holders and community.


To withdraw your Vault deposit, head to your Account Page and select the token you would like to unwind. As long as the 7-day lock period has been observed, and there is available liquidity in the vault, you will be able to withdraw. If you run into any issues, please reach out to the team.

After clicking "Sell" from the Account page on the vault you are looking to unstake, input the amount you'd like to withdraw and click "Unstake".


Minimum deposit period

If you see an error saying "Vault tokens cannot be unstaked for X", please wait until the minimum deposit period has been observed. There is a 7-day minimum deposit period for all new deposits.

What’s Next

For details on the various moving parts of the Vault, please read these resources:

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