Cyan Wallet

Use your NFT during loans

What is a Cyan Wallet

The Cyan Wallet is a smart contract wallet, designed to be an escrow during the loan period for a Buy Now, Pay Later plan, or NFT loan. It provides a way for a user to fully access their NFT and use it natively in any app, verification or token-gated activity. Connectivity is available through Wallet Connect, and the connecting application must support the ERC-1271 standard, which most do today.

To see the Cyan Wallet, please connect to the Cyan app with your main wallet (MetaMask, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, etc.) and click on your address in the top right corner. If you have not started a plan before on Cyan, you will not have a Cyan Wallet yet. You may elect to create one now or have it automatically created on your first plan. It will cost a small amount of gas to spawn.

The process to connect is very simple. Head over to your favorite app, and select "Connect with Wallet Connect". From there, copy the provided code and paste it into the Cyan Wallet interface to connect.

When attempting to sell or transfer an NFT during the loan period, a warning will show in the Cyan app. Once the loan is fully repaid, selling and transferring of NFTs will be available.

If a method is blocked which is unrelated to selling or transferring an NFT, please reach out to the team. Specific functions may be unexpectedly blocked from time to time as every NFT contract is slightly different. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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