Private Sales

How to setup a private sale, so the buyer can use BNPL on Cyan for the purchase!

Setting up a private sale is very simple and is no different from setting up a sale on x2y2 or OpenSea.


Head to your 'Account' page, and find the NFT you want to sell. Click on 'Private Sale' to start the listing process.

Please fill out the agreed price with the buyer and paste in the buyer's address. You can select the expiry to go beyond the default of 7 days. Click the 'Submit' button when ready!

That's it! Your buyer is now ready to purchase the NFT. Private listings will automatically expire at the end of the period you specify. No gas fees are required if they naturally expire. You can also change the price and buyer's address after making the listing.

To make changes, head back to the NFT and select 'Update Private Sale'. Follow the prompts to confirm the changes. A small gas fee is required for changes.

For a detailed demo of the process, please view it below.


Buying a privately negotiated NFT sale is easy on Cyan. First, head to the 'Shop page and click on the collection you are purchasing. You can find the NFT by searching for the token ID.

From here, you can either purchase the NFT outright or Buy Now, Pay Later with Cyan Pay Later. Follow the prompts and confirm the payment in your wallet to complete the transaction.

If you are buying multiple items, you can also make all the purchases in one transaction through bulk purchases. Ask the seller to make all the listings first. Then, select the NFTs from the shop page.

For a detailed look at how to make private sale purchases, please view this demo:

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