Payment Plan Contracts

Payment plans are used to initiate and manage BNPL and Pawn plans

Each BNPL or Pawn plan is carefully quoted and calculated prior to initiation. The Payment Plan contract is the central nervous system in creating plans and initiating them when conditions are met.

Mainnet (V1)

Cyan Payment Plan 1.0: 0x52aB06B7a6EefAF50587cDb7D896A999970067BE
Cyan Payment Plan 2.0: 0x844dc364D252a2BADA2eC4932f25A86871da725C

Mainnet (V2)

Cyan Payment Plan: 0xE803684B9E391D01Dc1cdF76baC9aE3A596B2ae0
Cyan Payment Plan Module: 0x1b9f63a819AE189b48ce52944A44DE4A52639552

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