cNFT Utility

When you initiate a BNPL or Pawn plan, you'll be issued a cNFT version of the NFT. You'll retain all the utility and benefits of the original NFT as described below!

So long as the cNFT exists in your wallet and is still active (i.e. no missed payments), then the following utility will be available to you:

  • ERC20 airdrops direct to NFT
  • ERC721 airdrops direct to NFT (NFT airdrops)
  • Twitter Blue profile picture hexagons (select the cNFT in the dropdown menu)
  • Buy/Sell/Transfer cNFT

We are currently working with approved projects to include Cyan wrapped NFTs for whitelisting, access, and other perks. This will be handled by our business developers πŸ’ͺ


Good to know

Check back often as we are continuously adding utility for cNFTs. Our intention is to make the buy now pay later experience as straightforward as possible.

What’s Next